Set the example – Promoting a fair and friendly work environment is a clear statement the government has at hearth the wellbeing of it employees.

It is mandatory – The Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act requires all organisations with more than 10 employees to establish an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to address any cases of sexual harassment in their workspaces.

Increase the morale and hence, productivity – Foster positive and gender-just interactions among colleagues. You will probably never have to work out on motivational speeches for your staff if they are assured enough of their safety and have a great workplace environment. And if this is secured, the productivity is guaranteed.

Safety & Security Is Your Priority – A safe and encouraging workplace environment for all has become top priority for the members of the public and an evaluation metric for their government. Also, while a safe and respectful environment helps the employee to remain motivated, managers also benefit from a great relationship with the workforce.

It’s a brand reputation management tool – Given recent high-profile cases of sexual harassment in India, the dominant concern for governments is loss of reputation which can have a bearing on credibility, electors and bad press.