GTI Institutional training will help HR personnel to achieve gender mainstreaming in their organisation, and to create and grow a diverse and inclusive workforce to make diversity a competitive edge for the organisation.

Current approaches to human resources have too often too little reference to gender. Taking gender seriously in Human Resources Policy and Planning means to adequately include the gender perspective in your policies and programmes formulation, and entails the development of appropriate methodologies for data collection, monitoring and evaluation.

Through Institutional Training, we provide HR staff with the knowledge required to guarantee diversity, fairness, justice and equality of access and opportunities, as well as the techniques to best support and retain their female employees. We also assist you in developing strategies to deliver gender responsive employment policies, strategies and programmes.

The training has the final objective to strengthen gender mainstreaming capacity, and it will do so by reviewing the following topics:

  1. Gender Budgeting
  2. Women Leaderships and Management
  3. Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures
  4. Healthy Communication and Relationships
  5. Equal Opportunity Policies
  6. Gender Audit