A: Gender Training Institute was set up in 1997. We have 18 years of experience in Gender Sensitisation Trainings across different sectors.
A: It can be up to 25.
A: Trainings are most effective when the group is a composition of the same category.
A: We do trainings in Hindi, English and bilingually too.
A: Core gender sensitization training can be done ranging from one day, three days or one week, depending on the goals you intend to achieve.
A: We start off the course by conducting assessment tests to identify perceptions, levels of satisfaction, moods and critical issues, if any. This will allow us to design the course according to your company’s specific needs. Likewise, we run an assessment survey in conclusion of the training to test the efficacy of the course.
A: We offer mixed-methodology activities ranging from group exercises, role plays, lectures, workshops, audio visual material, quantitative surveys.
A: We do regular follow ups with participants to assess the training outcomes and efficacy. Our multiple methodological approaches will allow the monitoring of participants’ attitudes, behaviours and perceptions towards diversity, gender and inclusion at work.
A: We provide support in drafting gender policy as well as Sexual Harassment at Work Place Policy for the organisations, memberships in Internal Complaints Committee and other consultancy services in handling cases redressing gender concerns.
A: We conduct training programmes nationally as well as internationally.